Boxe-Francaise Savate classes in Central London


Boxe-Française Savate is an efficient and elegant style of kickboxing from France.

At the London Savate club we offer regular classes and beginners' courses in Assaut Savate - technical kickboxing. Classes concentrate on skill and conditioning but also on play, building up a sweat and having fun. We train near Waterloo and London Bridge, Central London, SE1, close to major transport links. Start training now.

What is Savate?

Savate (pronounced Suh-vat) is an elegant form of combat. It dates from the early 1800s and is a mixture of French kicking and English boxing, making it a rare European martial art. The strikes are taught to be precise, effective and fluid.

Savate was formalised in 1830 when a French fighter was, reportedly, beaten by an English boxer and merged the best of each style to create Boxe-Francaise. The art was nearly extinguished with the casualties of two World Wars, but today enjoys a resurgence with a worldwide following.

Will it hurt?

No. Our training is about tactics and angles - not hitting hard. In Assaut Savate the successful fighter wins through inventive techniques, not by brute force.

Do I need to be fit?

Not to start with. But you will get fitter from training with us. We welcome you whatever your shape, size and level.

A Savate workout will benefit:

  • cardio-vascular fitness
  • flexibility
  • core strength
  • self-confidence

How do I start?

Start training now at our classes near Waterloo and London Bridge, Central London SE1. The class is very welcoming and we train to the highest level.

I hope to train with you soon.


James Southwood
World Champion in Savate Assaut

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