Savate requires very little equipment for casual training. Normal gym attire and appropriate shoes are sufficient for the beginner. You can purchase equipment for regular training or competition through us. Below is a checklist of the things you need to train in our classes.

Please bring:

  • Appropriate shoes - Savate is a shoe-fighting art and safe indoor-use shoes are necessary. These can be Savate boots, boxing boots, squash shoes, martial arts shoes or other clean, non-jagged, sports footwear. Bare feet or outdoor shoes are not acceptable. If you don't have any for your first class, bring what you can. You can order appropriate footwear through us.
  • Clothing - anything you feel comfortable exercising in. T-shirt and tracksuit/shorts are fine.
  • Water bottle - to ensure proper hydration.

After a few classes you will also need:

  • Boxing gloves - standard boxing gloves (8, 10, 12 or 14oz, depending on your size). You can borrow our club gloves as a beginner or can purchase your own through us.
  • Mouthguard - necessary for safety. You can buy a standard gum shield from us for just £1.

    What you don't need yet:

    • The formal Savate uniform (Integral). This is an all-in-one stretchy lycra suit, resembling a full unitard, which offers complete freedom of movement but not, alas, much modesty for its wearer. (Don't worry, you have to be competing at a high level before being forced to wear one).
    • Other protection: eg shin guard, groin guard, chest protectors. You can buy protective equipment through us if you need it for competition or for class.

    -- Talk to an instructor at London Savate and we can order for you boots, gloves, hand wraps, groin guards, chest protectors, shin guards and other equipment --