For your first class please bring:

  • Appropriate shoes - Savate is a shoe-fighting art. Savate boots, boxing boots, squash shoes, trainers (clean and not jagged) are fine. Bare feet or outdoor shoes are not. Bring what you can for your first class.
  • Clothing - anything you feel comfortable exercising in. T-shirt and tracksuit/shorts are fine.
  • Water bottle - to ensure proper hydration.

What you need after a few classes:

  • Boxing gloves - standard boxing gloves (8, 10, 12 or 14oz, depending on your size). Borrow club gloves as a beginner.
  • Mouthguard. You can buy a standard gum shield from me for just £1.

    What you don't need yet:

    • The formal Savate uniform (Integral).
    • Other protection: eg shin guard, groin guard, chest protectors.